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Creating a Visual Experience for eLea...

what color to choose?
If the eLearning course is visually unappealing or uninviting, learners may view it as a waste of time, and might even question the credibility of the information. Appeal to your learner’s visual senses and grab their attention by using an engaging design. Here are a few tips and tricks. Color: It’s one of the first things we notice when we e [...]

On-The-Go Learning – Microlearn...

Microlearning is small learning units that allow the learner to absorb course material quickly and effectively. These short standalone modules cover one or two learning objectives. The duration is relatively short and each module can be anywhere between 1-10 minutes. Micro modules cover topics that are simple and can be used as quick referenc [...]

Professional Audio – “Go with a Pro”

Audio narration in an eLearning course adds value and success and allows the learners to become fully engaged in the learning process. It helps the learner to grasp the content more effectively and draw attention to key points on the screen. Audio helps the learner move at a good pace. But just having recording on the slide is not enough to k [...]

Section 508 Compliant eLearning

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires that federal agencies develop online content that is accessible to people with disabilities. eLearning modules should be developed keeping in mind the standards that allow learners with disabilities to access the information without any technology barriers. Statistics show that 15% of the U.S. po [...]

Developing Creative eLearning

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.31.31 AM
Quality design presents information in a clear, concise way that engages an audience effectively. Graphic design should play a major role in any project, whether it is an interactive online module, or a printed job-aid. Without design, an audience could completely miss the message or worse yet, ignore the content. When taking time to develop [...]

Converting Content for the Virtual En...

adria-richards-breaks-silence copy
Organizations adding a virtual communication resource will have the advantage of more efficient communication, less travel, increased convenience and efficiency, etc. Of course, there is some preparation and work on the front end to realize those benefits. Once the virtual platform is operational, and teams are trained on its functionality, t [...]

Leadership in Corporate Training

Corporate Training
Ever sit back and analyze how leadership plays a role in your organizations training? More and more often I am finding a trend in the past 10 years at my current position of designing training programs for corporations that a single way to improve your organizations training is to have a leadership role “Cxx” involved, even if it [...]

ISTE Phila

ISTE Philadelphia
Recently attended the ISTE international show in Philadelphia.  The venue was quite overwhelming in size but the enthusiasm for learning was very intriguing.   The show focused on learning and training (what I do for corporations and government agencies) but leaned towards K-12.  My takeaway from the show on “trends” are two:  Fli [...]

Microlearning – Using “Mi...

Microlearning – Using “Microlayers” in our Learning Ecosystem
In this information-rich age we are constantly taking in pieces of information through a variety of means and media and applying it instantly. A recent statistic shows we now have a slightly shorter attention span than goldfish (8 seconds). Some experts say it represents an inability to pay attention (or maybe that’s the extent of our toleran [...]

Learning Solutions: Finding the Right...

Learning Solutions: Finding the Right Blend
With the many types of learning formats finding the best blend for a learning solution can be a daunting task. Solutions may be comprised of any combination of traditional learning, simulations, microlearning, eLearning, virtual ILT, and peer learning to name a few options. Which combination will meet your needs and make the most sense? Whic [...]