Top 9 Problems That You Can Solve with Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning is not just another privilege in our fast-paced, instant gratification, want-it-now lives; it is becoming a necessity to help training departments overcome constraints and address enterprise challenges.

It wasn’t all that long ago that online learning didn’t exist, and the only corporate training available was instructor led. When you think of all the advantages technology and the Internet have given us, let’s be sure to maximize return on training dollars spent. In which case, implementing custom eLearning courses should be considered.

There are many benefits of customizing your eLearning depending on the challenges facing a particular organization. Here are 9 top business issues where custom eLearning will have a positive impact on solving these problems:

1. Existing training is not a true fit for your business?

What do you do in your business that makes you stand out from the competition? How would you like to stand out? Custom eLearning content brings the learning experience to life by incorporating learning objectives to day-to-day experiences while on the job. This serves to stimulate the learner’s mind, guide actionable steps and encourage employees to better apply what they’ve learned. Providing custom eLearning that is directly related to your business allows employees to creatively fill in the gaps, fosters their confidence in managing a wide range of potential issues, and in turn, helps improve employee job satisfaction and retention.

2. Existing training is ineffective at inspiring and engaging learners?

Getting learners excited about the content itself has always been a consideration for trainers, and updated methodologies and approaches are ever being improved upon. Custom training solutions allow you to update and adjust over time to personalize the learners’ experience. Customization also helps validate your learners’ unique circumstances and requirements by making them feel listened to, ultimately improving their experience and helping boost their confidence in learning and self-improvement.

3. Existing training is not aligned to your business’ goals?

It has become imperative for businesses to align training efforts towards business success. However, many standard courses don’t make it easy for the learner to interpret what they’ve learned as it relates to how it might bring value to the company or help achieve certain business goals. Custom eLearning can help to overcome this challenge so both the learner and the company benefit. This builds the confidence and capability of employees as well as improving business results.

4. Custom affordability concerns?

The notion of custom eLearning being too expensive no longer holds true. A provider’s economies of scale and experience with customization result in surprising affordability for your editable and updateable custom content. ROI is impressive, as well, because now that you own your learning solution and maintain it, forget about having to pay for course updates and new course purchases every year.

5. Existing, available training is not globally scalable, and therefore, not cost-effective?

Scalability of any solution you end up using helps address cost-effectiveness. With custom eLearning, you are able to translate content into different languages. This “translates” to less travel expenses for in-person training. What’s more, with eLearning, ROI increases every time it is used.

6. Existing training is ineffective in your branding and company image efforts?

You might feel like you need to work on your branding efforts, or corporate image – this is a great issue for custom eLearning to help resolve. You can feature your corporate logo, style and imagery throughout the custom content, and help solidify a sense of belonging and corporate identity for your learners, as well as educate them regarding your company’s values and vision, helping to strengthen their commitment as a player on your team.

7. Issues Integrating Your eLearning with Your Existing Workflow and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)?

Finding courses that mesh well with your organization’s workflows and processes, without having some degree of customization, can be difficult, at best. You will see the greatest benefits from investing in custom eLearning solutions that can mimic your workflow, particularly if you’re in a highly technical industry or work environment where following SOPs and processes is critical or highly desirable for employees.

8. Running into technology concerns?

One of the great things about custom eLearning is that it can be tailored to integrate with your current technology infrastructure. Custom courses designed to fit your platform, systems, bandwidth and software requirements will help you avoid a lot of headaches.

9. Having trouble supporting or re-enforcing innovative direction?

The current direction of eLearning is trending toward being more focused on the learner, with a more personalized learning experience. In other words, a learner’s environment should adjust to his or her needs and comprehension in order to boost understanding of content while promoting creativity and stimulating discovery. Custom eLearning is the perfect innovative step in the right direction to put learners in the center of and in control of their own learning experience.

What are you doing to address your company’s eLearning needs? Think your company could benefit from more customized solutions? Give us a call or contact us today – we’d love to discuss your company’s future eLearning plans!


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