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Learn Photoshop and Add Oomph to Your...

Learn Photoshop and Add Oomph to Your eLearning Modules!
Become the ultimate designer in developing eLearning modules. Elearning does not have to be boring. Fresh elearning designs will keep your modules looking updated and attractive and draw the learner’s attention. We all talk about adding interactions, scenarios, gaming, and knowledge checks, but a graphically sound module is just as important. [...]

Adobe Connect Pro Mobile

Adobe Connect Pro Mobile
Adobe has release a mobile version of Adobe Connect Pro for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Now users can participate in online meetings while on the go! There is more good news, since this application was built using the Flash development environment Adobe will be able to publish the application to the Flash Platform as well.  So, when Adobe AIR [...]

eLearning, Social Media, and User Int...

eLearning, Social Media, and User Interface Combine to Make Powerful Personal Learning Portals
Content is king, right?  Well then the new queen in eLearning is social media.  When was the last time we thought about how the new generation wants to learn?  Beyond content, beyond access, beyond look and feel, but “delivery and learner extensions”.   eLearning is on the cusp of a new horizon, (in its own infancy, and growing fa [...]

Automate to Cut Costs, Improve Operat...

Automate to Cut Costs, Improve Operations
Although some would disagree with me, I’m finding that these difficult economic times are actually providing some fascinating opportunities to work with clients to automate certain processes and cut costs at the same time.  In particular, I have seen a real push to take labor and cost intensive operations such as Human Resources, and find a w [...]