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Leadership in Corporate Training

Corporate Training
Ever sit back and analyze how leadership plays a role in your organizations training? More and more often I am finding a trend in the past 10 years at my current position of designing training programs for corporations that a single way to improve your organizations training is to have a leadership role “Cxx” involved, even if it [...]

ISTE Phila

ISTE Philadelphia
Recently attended the ISTE international show in Philadelphia.  The venue was quite overwhelming in size but the enthusiasm for learning was very intriguing.   The show focused on learning and training (what I do for corporations and government agencies) but leaned towards K-12.  My takeaway from the show on “trends” are two:  Fli [...]

Microlearning – Using “Mi...

Microlearning – Using “Microlayers” in our Learning Ecosystem
In this information-rich age we are constantly taking in pieces of information through a variety of means and media and applying it instantly. A recent statistic shows we now have a slightly shorter attention span than goldfish (8 seconds). Some experts say it represents an inability to pay attention (or maybe that’s the extent of our toleran [...]

Learning Solutions: Finding the Right...

Learning Solutions: Finding the Right Blend
With the many types of learning formats finding the best blend for a learning solution can be a daunting task. Solutions may be comprised of any combination of traditional learning, simulations, microlearning, eLearning, virtual ILT, and peer learning to name a few options. Which combination will meet your needs and make the most sense? Whic [...]

Implications of Behavior on Learning

Implications of Behavior on Learning
Here in lies the common issues with developing eLearning programs: a subconscious bias to our comfort levels and the way we think. I have found it is a real injustice to my learning and how I train others. Behavior modification should be on the list of things to do for a better eLearning solution developer. There have been many learning psych [...]

eLearning Solutions, Theory, and Poin...

eLearning Solutions, Theory, and Points to Ponder
For years I have tried to get to the root of learning at a level that provokes deeper thought.  eLearning’s critical issues starts with and is fueled by the individual disagreement of precise nature of learning and the definition there of.  From there we move into different areas of views, processes, and definitions that get the crisis ball r [...]

The eLearning Industry is rapidly cha...

The eLearning Industry is rapidly changing.  Here are my top trends for 2014 & 2015.   Part 1: 7-10 out of 10
The eLearning Industry is rapidly changing and there are numerous Learning trends for 2014/15.   Here are my top picks. Part 1, 7 – 10: 1. 7. Is User experience that important? You are in the wrong industry if your need to ask that… There is “user experience” and “great user experience.” It’s imperative to lean towards the latter [...]

The eLearning Industry is rapidly cha...

The eLearning Industry is rapidly changing. Here are my top trends for 2014 & 2015. Part 1: 1-6 out of 10:
Soon, corporate training evolution will take on a progressive journey through new automation, inventions, and systems, following the ongoing quest to be leading in innovation. In a world of training that continuously changes, trainer and learners won’t have any other choice but to move out of their learning comfort zone to the next generation [...]

How Intriguing Is Your Training To Yo...

How Intriguing Is Your Training To Your Learners?
How intriguing is your training to your learners?   Is your training of the viewpoint of the future of learning – that includes social learning, gaming and advanced technology?  For years,  I scoffed at the notion of a “half-life” of knowledge theory or that we underplay thinkers and tinkers and xbox gamers and Facebook-ers.   Then – I [...]

Thoughts on Social Media and Collabor...

Social media thoughts
At Brookwood, we design, develop, and deploy all types of learning solutions. Training today is not that same training this day a year ago, or 6 months ago for that matter.  Every day, the training demands of an organization increase, shift, or change.  How do you manage, and inform your trainees in keeping them current and in the know?  Food [...]