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Train… Assess… Certify...

Train… Assess… Certify… Track
OK, I’ve developed engaging eLearning content to support my organization’s compliance efforts, now what? Of course, this hypothetical question would never be asked post-development of your eLearning courses. The point is, there are several ways to deploy your eLearning courses and track the progress of your learners. Let’s take a look at how [...]

10 Convincing Reasons to Onshore eLea...

1. Security of proprietary information becomes problematic How secure is your organizations information? Patents? Trademarks? Legal documents will not serve any protection in foreign countries like it does in the U.S. Keep in mind, foreign judges usually show favoritism to their local companies. According to the FBI, NDAs do not hold up, crea [...]

Don’t Miss FREE Webinar Novembe...

Don’t Miss FREE Webinar November 17th
Join Adobe and Brookwood for an informative FREE webinar focused on making the most of your online Meetings and Trainings. All attendees will receive a free Podcast and whitepaper on eLearning Best Practices. Use the below registration link to for this free, one-hour sessions. Tips and Tricks for Using Adobe Connect Pro November 17, 2009 at [...]

Free 2 Part Connect Webinar Series

Free 2 Part Connect Webinar Series Join Adobe and Brookwood for two informative FREE webinars focused on making the most of your online Meetings and Trainings. All attendees will receive a free Podcast and whitepaper on eLearning Best Practices. Use the below registration link t [...]

Sometimes we need to take a step back...

Sometimes we need to take a step back….
Its funny how extreme circumstances produce extreme behavior.  The economy seems to be crushing the business we used to take for granted.  I look at things a little differently.  My business is booming.  What business you ask?  – eLearning. Fundementally, my business is something all businesses should be looking to in this economy for c [...]

What are you organization’s 200...

What are you organization’s 2009 training initiatives?
Well, here we are… it’s Friday… could be any Friday, but this one is the first Friday of the 3rd month of the year.  How far along are you with planning, budgeting, and developing your organization’s eLearning program?  Most organizations use the wait and see factor on training because of cost, travel, lodging,  and ma [...]

Brookwood Training Referral Program

Brookwood Training Referral Program
Did you know that Brookwood has a referral program? Refer 5 NEW people (not in Brookwood’s database) and receive a 1G USB drive as thanks for your participation. If someone you refer to Brookwood registers for a course you will receive a $50 gift card to your choice of: WaWa, Target, Best Buy, or The Olive Garden. Don’t miss out! [...]

eLearning = e-Savings

eLearning = e-Savings
The days of classroom based training and education are fading.  Today, more than ever, organizations are seeking to provide more information and training with less cost, effort, and resources.   eLearning is the answer.  A blended learning environment will not only provide information anywhere and any time, but alos reduced training time, pap [...]

Going Global

Going Global
There was a time when doing business outside your town, state, country, or continent meant taking a car, bus, train, or plane to get there.  Endless hours of being “on the road”, preparation time like calling a travel agent, or even worse, doing it all yourself.  Then we had to lug all our materials in a briefcase..or two for the [...]

Todays’ Business Model – ...

Todays’ Business Model – Doing More with Less….
In a marketplace of doing more with less, Brookwood can make the defining difference in achieving your training goals. Our years of experience assessing, creating, and deploying enterprise and custom eLearning solutions produce effective and engaging learning results. From consulting and strategic curriculum development, to custom design, dev [...]