What are you organization’s 2009 training initiatives?

Well, here we are… it’s Friday… could be any Friday, but this one is the first Friday of the 3rd month of the year.  How far along are you with planning, budgeting, and developing your organization’s eLearning program?  Most organizations use the wait and see factor on training because of cost, travel, lodging,  and maybe hard costs like printing – looking to cut corners in a down economy.  Well, these are EXACTLY the reasons you should be in the midst of developing and promoting your organization’s eLearning program.

Did you know that eLearning can actually cut the costs of training in an organization?  All eLearning developed becomes an asset simply by being reusable, easily edited, and because it can be used as a resource for information almost anytime.  Additionally, there are no travel costs, lodging, and most of the time, no printing.  Why is it then that most organizations view eLearning as a wait and see item?  Tradition?  Timing?  Or is it a Trade off?

None of the above… most organizations lack the experience in approach, or resources.  This delays processes and promotes a last minute rush to complete this type of  initiative.  Here are 7 things to consider now, to be able to effectively deploy a successful eLearning program in the next month or two:

1. What is your organization’s learning culture?  Define it and make a online model of it.  The information is right in front of you, now you need to put it online.

2. How will your organization view this change? Is it really a change from how things are done, or just making it better for your organization?  Position your training online as a competitive advantage and a valuable asset for your organization long term.

3.  What are your resources? Define what and who you will need to make eLearning a success in your organization.  Find valuable resource partners (like Brookwood).

4.  What type of training?  What, and more importantly where, is the content you plan to convert to eLearning.  Remember, always start with a topic that speaks to a larger audience to gain acceptance starting out.

5.  What is your strategy?  Planning to deploy effective eLearning will require a map, usually within or part of a blended training program.  See what fits best online, and what works better in person.

6. What’s your budget and whats’ the cost?  Believe it or not, most eLearning has a positive ROI for the organization.  Brookwood can help you with our ROI calculator services.

7.  What is the business case for the implementation of an eLearning program in your organization?  Most organizations utilize eLearning as a competative edge in communications or education, whether internally or externally, where they can deliver a measurable and consistant amount of information.  When planning your business case, where in your organization can you reduce or eliminate training costs via eLearning?  Detail what content needs to be conveyed in a standardized format.  Summarize the benefits in measured results.

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