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ISTE Phila

ISTE Philadelphia
Recently attended the ISTE international show in Philadelphia.  The venue was quite overwhelming in size but the enthusiasm for learning was very intriguing.   The show focused on learning and training (what I do for corporations and government agencies) but leaned towards K-12.  My takeaway from the show on “trends” are two:  Fli [...]

The eLearning Industry is rapidly cha...

The eLearning Industry is rapidly changing.  Here are my top trends for 2014 & 2015.   Part 1: 7-10 out of 10
The eLearning Industry is rapidly changing and there are numerous Learning trends for 2014/15.   Here are my top picks. Part 1, 7 – 10: 1. 7. Is User experience that important? You are in the wrong industry if your need to ask that… There is “user experience” and “great user experience.” It’s imperative to lean towards the latter [...]

Learning Through Social Media

Social Media Learning
Learning through social media is becoming more prevalent in both school and businesses alike; however, the manner in which the information is being presented depends on the social media site. One of the newer social media sites, Elgg, allows for logical organization of a social network. For example, it offers blogging and micro-blogging capab [...]

Promoting Learning Through Microblogg...

Microblogging Twitter
Free, fast and accessible. These three qualities are what attract people to micro-blogging sites such as Twitter. While it is easy to write Twitter off as just another way to let the world know what you are doing every minute of the day, it can also be used as a useful learning tool. Through Twitter, information is presented in a way that spa [...]

Using Social Media for Training and e...

Using Social Media for Training and eLearning
Social media has become a major presence in all aspects of the market place and it’s not just big businesses that are communicating with customers this way. More than 260,000 small businesses in the US and Canada employ social networking tactics, too. Social media can enhance training through its ability to communicate and track by subscripti [...]

tweet tweet!

tweet tweet!
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Welcome to the Brookwood BLOG

Welcome to the Brookwood BLOG
In the Brookwood BLOG you will find interesting insight and information in regards to eLearning, application development, web, and training solutions. We welcome your comments. Rob Seskin, CEO