Promoting Learning Through Microblogging

Free, fast and accessible. These three qualities are what attract people to micro-blogging sites such as Twitter. While it is easy to write Twitter off as just another way to let the world know what you are doing every minute of the day, it can also be used as a useful learning tool. Through Twitter, information is presented in a way that sparks conversation. Anyone who owns a Twitter account is free to comment and then converse with others about a specific topic. One advantage of learning through micro-blogging is that it is fast and efficient. Tidbits of information are presented in 140  characters or less, providing an easy to read anecdote. Since people today are generally looking for a quick fix, and the 140 character limit enables businesses to share the most important facts about themselves.

Similarly, news and media outlets are able to constantly relay new information as it becomes available. Software companies share tips and tricks about their computer programs to better serve their users. With micro-blogging, we are able to learn new things every minute of the day.

-Meghan McSloy

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