Sometimes we need to take a step back….

Its funny how extreme circumstances produce extreme behavior.  The economy seems to be crushing the business we used to take for granted.  I look at things a little differently.  My business is booming.  What business you ask?  – eLearning.

Fundementally, my business is something all businesses should be looking to in this economy for communications, training, and knoweldge transfer.  The all encompassing term “eLearning” really should be pared with “eSaving”.  The difficult task for those of you who only have a slight understanding of what eLearning can do for you is the amount of research that you would need to do to find the right solution for your organization.  My suggestion?

Take a step back, if just for a moment, and call on a company who does eLearning for a business.  Now is the time. 

Make a list of what your organization is doing now in way of training, meetings, and other communications, include cost where you can.  Make a scond list of what you feel could change, for the better, though technology – or a eLearning solution for training and communications.  Take one of the ones you picked as an example and call an eLearning expert like Brookwood for a quick discussion.  You might be amazed to learn what can and cannot be done with eLearning and the positive impact what can be done will have on your organization.   This is a great way to explore the possiblities of eLearning, get free advice as well, and learn something along the way.  Who knows, you might end up developing an eLearning solution that will save your organization tons in time, money, and effort just with one call.

We have trained groups large and small for pennies on the dollar, almost eliminated travel expenses for meetings, and created assetts for organizations – just through eLearning solutions. Pretty remarkable,  huh?

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