Crawling out of April and running into May…

So let’s see…. ecomonic crisis, automaker bankrupt, housing market slumps, interest rates drop, stocks fall and rise – again,  global warming, swine flu….  IF I close my eyes just for a moment, I would swear it was 1980 not 2009 (I guess I am telling my age with that comment)  The only difference is in 1980 we had the “ozone crisis” and the tail end of “coming of the ice age”… so why did I start today’s blog entry with something outside of eLearning?  Because I am a firm believer of the more things change the more they stay the same.  We all still have the same problems we did 29 years ago… and there is no reason today to stop moving forward in our training initiatives.  I am glad we crawled out of April and now I am running into May.  Why am I running you ask?  Well, its simple –  I am more busy than ever.  My recent webinar on Enterprise eLearning Design and Deployment had a great turn out and it seems we are back on track as a group, or in interest – for eLearning.

eLearning is one area, that if properly designed, can be a cornerstone of success for an organization.  eLearning can be central point for information and standardization of learning within the organization that can instantly provide resources where you need it most – or most often.  Why is it then most organizations are slow to adopt such a program?  …probably for the same myths or misconceptions I started today’s blog with.  Now that we are well on our way in May, what are the reasons your organization might hesitate on taking eLearning a step or two further?  Here is a simple, one question,  May eLearning checklist for you… 

Whithin your organization:  What is it that can be improved upon, eliminated, or reduced with a good eLearning program?  What you mght find might suprise you.

My suggestion is think big, start small and deign an initial program for a broad audience, and wide acceptance. 

We all crawl before we walk…this May I am off and running with eLearning solutions… are you?

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