Leadership in Corporate Training

Ever sit back and analyze how leadership plays a role in your organizations training? More and more often I am finding a trend in the past 10 years at my current position of designing training programs for corporations that a single way to improve your organizations training is to have a leadership role “Cxx” involved, even if it is not very often,  in a positive way.  Unfortunately, the trend is more of a bottom dollar expense rather than a top skill development return on investment.

Most organizations today see training as an expense rather than an investment. That has always baffled me as the perceived outcome of any training is “ROI” for the company – or the training simply would not occur.   In a recent Masters class I am taking, a clear case study showed the investment in your employees training and happiness had the greatest impact on an organization operationally and in driving top line revenue.   Placing individuals in roles for success through effective and ongoing training is a cornerstone of an organizations growth.  Aligning at least one Cxx  from a visibility and communications standpoint that can convey the company vision from their perspective and the value of the trainee to them – will create an environment of a higher level of self awareness for the trainee and an understanding of their purpose in their position.  Additionally, involvement of the Cxx shows effort and legitimacy for those facing the training required – resulting in a higher investment to learn on their part.  A win-win.


Thanks for your time and keep on learning – Ed Stengel

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