Converting Content for the Virtual Environment

Organizations adding a virtual communication resource will have the advantage of more efficient communication, less travel, increased convenience and efficiency, etc. Of course, there is some preparation and work on the front end to realize those benefits.

Once the virtual platform is operational, and teams are trained on its functionality, there is the matter of converting content. “What? You mean we can’t just load the PowerPoints and run the meeting or training like before???”  In a word, no.

Content that functioned well in a face-to-face (F2F) setting will likely not translate as effectively in the virtual environment without adjustments to account for environmental differences, such as body language and attention.

Looking at a stagnant computer screen (even if the meeting host is streaming webcam video) will lead to what I call ‘glazing’*, or even worse, checking email, opening a new browser, etc. When that happens, it’s hard to get them back.

The general rule of thumb for converting content from F2F to virtual is more slides, less text. More slides may mean double or triple the size of the F2F content. Less text is more about hinting at the points, but delivering them verbally and with interaction, engaging the audience. Bulleted lists can still work, but minimize each bullet to just a few words to hint at the complete message. The goal is to engage the audience with the verbal delivery, with the visual engagement supporting the point in a memorable chunk.

Finally, don’t be afraid to use images instead of text! We tend to recall images more easily than visualizing text.

Brookwood has supported many clients making the transition from F2F to virtual, both in content conversion and training. It’s a new frontier, but a manageable one!

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*Glazing happens when one is staring at a screen but not really seeing it.  The mind has moved on.

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