How Intriguing Is Your Training To Your Learners?

??????????????????How intriguing is your training to your learners?   Is your training of the viewpoint of the future of learning – that includes social learning, gaming and advanced technology?  For years,  I scoffed at the notion of a “half-life” of knowledge theory or that we underplay thinkers and tinkers and xbox gamers and Facebook-ers.   Then – I could not help to think of how my children are not only learning differently,  but being taught differently as well.  Online, on their mobile devices, and more.  They are, perpetually attached to their learning in a foreign way to many but in a way that is here to stay and we must adapt.  There is a new culture of learning.

As I digest and absorb what I learn at symposiums and trade shows,  today’s learning  almost feels like a “trickle down – decentralized learning theme” where the parts are greater than the sum of knowledge.  Effective learning programs key in on most, if not all ways of learning, from collaboration to gaming, to curation, to research….. Personally, I believe they are all intertwined permanently and do not stand alone, rather a continuum process.

When you design your corporate training for the next generation, and even this one, jumping out at you should be a common or overriding theme in learning:  “fun”, “social”, or “games” should be  – the new standard of traditional or main stream learning…

Happy eLearning!
–  Ed Stengel

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