Automate to Cut Costs, Improve Operations

Although some would disagree with me, I’m finding that these difficult economic times are actually providing some fascinating opportunities to work with clients to automate certain processes and cut costs at the same time.  In particular, I have seen a real push to take labor and cost intensive operations such as Human Resources, and find a way to provide the same level of service with lower costs.


Sounds like the same old refrain we always hear from business, but the really neat thing is that now, it’s a fairly easy task to accomplish. There are some great platforms out there that give us enough out of the box functionality to make an automation project pretty quick to implement and really cost effective when you consider total cost of the project against operating budget saved after implementation. 


I keep running into executives that can’t get past thinking of a software project as high risk, hugely expensive, highly disruptive to implement, and never performing as promised.  That’s really old think at its worst.  The fun is bringing these projects on-line in weeks rather many months or even years, and watching organizations deliver a higher caliber service while lowering the long term operating budget. 

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