eLearning Trade Show – Orlando Wrap Up

Well, I am just settling in from a tour of Orlando and the eLearning Guild Trade Show….   Most noticable difference this year?  No “tire kickers”  In other words, people attended for a reason this year.  I found that the traffic at the show was more about quality and less about quantity.  Great show this year.  Of my findings, here are the top 5 topics dicuseed with me from those seeking solutions….

1. Putting training online – as a REVENUE generator:  Online University applications seem to lead the way of the near future – with eCommerce of course.

2. eLearning ROI: More and more those seeking solutions were more interested in value over functionality.  I am guessing a next wave of eLearning attributes for rapid development are on the horizon with Adobe and others.  Captivate 4 looks very promising.  Adobe Presenter is a winner in my book.  Lectora has some great start up offerings. I am staying tuned.

3. API, API, API: Wow!!!! Not only do we need to develop content, it needs to have its own functions and business processes associated with it.  Catch the next wave of business focused eLearning by making it do more for the organization while training the employee.

4. Online meeting…with PUNCH.  Ok, so we all know the power of meeting on line…now we need to customize it… online meeting attendants,  auto logins, security, as well as fee to meet seems to be hot…for now.

5. CE / Certification Training: Everyone wants a way to calculate CE credits and print certifications.  Well, the future is today on this one.  Adobe Connect API’s are a great way to porvide this online. 

Overall, the show was a winner.  Brookwood learned some and shined more.  Our solutions were winners demonstrating eUniversity with eCommerce and CE Credits.  API development already exists and we had the demos to prove it….and Online meetings have been our follow up of choice with many we spoke with. 

I am looking to DevLearn in the fall….

One to Watch: iSpring – Check out their presenter tool.  Single flash output with API’s…. great for the unusual development requests.

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