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It’s Monday and I’m glad to be at work…Why? 

This weekend was one of great interest… I found my children’s websites, very interesting, checked their grades online, even more interesting, but this is the wrong blog for that topic, I spoke with my nephew via IM with a web cam, and figured out how to fix my generator via a training module online.

So why is that unique? Why am I glad I am at work? I have finally arrived at the conclusion that online collaboration, learning, and communication is the way; personally, professionally, even politically -watching “online town hall meetings”  

That being said, this is what I do, I provide these very same solutions to companies’ world wide.  Put the two together and it makes for a great Monday.

My company, Brookwood, has been around for a LONG time.  We started in the Web business 15 years ago.  I can remember back then… We all thought email and FLASH were cool.  Today, we are a Leading eLearning and online collaboration and communications organization that helps companies develop online solutions for communications and training.  To me, that is cool. 

We just launched our new website: Take a look!  Lots of great info there for your eLearning and online meeting initiatives… Tips, tricks, whitepapers, plenty of free stuff to get your eLearning initiatives moving in the right direction.

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