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Over the last few years, we have been seeing more and more live (synchronous) online learning. Organizations are implementing this ‘virtual technology’ as a standalone tool, as well as part of a blended learning program. There are many benefits, not the least of which is that no travel is required, which also translates to a cost savings.

While setting up a virtual platform can be fairly simple when using a hosted solution, there are some necessary adjustments to effective utilization, starting with the course content.

Content developed for a traditional classroom will need to be modified to accommodate the virtual classroom environment. Most important would be to incorporate significantly more interactions to enhance engagement. Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the tools available in the virtual platform is critical. The tools available in your virtual environment will help to bridge the gap between a traditional classroom and a virtual classroom.

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Another adjustment to consider are the skills required of instructors, presenters, and trainers. We know that body language accounts for much of our communication, and is the single most important difference between traditional and virtual learning. For some, it may be a natural adjustment to bridge that communication gap in the virtual environment. However, most will require additional support to make this important transition to training in a virtual environment. Train-the-Trainer programs that combine training on the virtual tools, as well as coaching and practice are extremely helpful in making it a smooth transition to the virtual classroom.

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Each virtual environment comes with a tool set to help promote a positive experience, such as chat, polls, breakout rooms, etc. These tools can be a lot to manage for larger classes, or more robust content. To support the virtual instructors, especially new virtual instructors, there is a tremendous benefit to having the help of a “producer”. The producer works closely with the instructor to ensure effective use of the virtual tools that supports the content, monitors the text chat, launches polls, provides instructions as requested, etc.

Brookwood has a long history supporting various virtual technologies including Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting and WebEx, among others. Our virtual professionals have substantial experience in content conversion, training, and producing virtual training and meetings.

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