Professional Audio – “Go with a Pro”

Audio narration in an eLearning course adds value and success and allows the learners to become fully engaged in the learning process. It helps the learner to grasp the content more effectively and draw attention to key points on the screen. Audio helps the learner move at a good pace.

image1But just having recording on the slide is not enough to keep the learners attention. Often the question comes up, “Why pay for a professional voice when we can record our own?” Using in-house voice will cost you more time and produce lower quality. There is a lot of white noise that is hard to edit out and there may be a lot of P’s and S’s that may not sound right.

It is important to have the right voice that can captivate the listener and has the right flow of the conversational speech.


A “Pro” uses the right inflection, knows how to engage the learner with their voice, add personality, and a personal touch to the e-learning.

A sound studio, a sound engineer combined with a professional voice, will help you achieve a top quality product that lends to a better learning experience.

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