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Today is the ever popular “Follow Friday” on Twitter (you simply tweet a list of people you follow or think others should follow, with the tag #FF.)

In honor of, a couple people that I think are worth following, in blog post form.  Just a few individuals who I’ve enjoyed reading for the fun of it, as well picked up a lot of good information:

Tim Ferriss: Fascinating guy who calls his blog “experiments in life design.”  I can’t figure out how to sum up who he is and what he does – I suggest you check out his “about” page, which uses words like “spearfishing”, “4 hour work week”, “Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People of 2007”, “experimental social media campaigns”, “Technology Summit” and “innovation”.  I’ve picked up more than a few tips & tricks, as well as a collection of bookmarked links, through him.

Jason Kottke: of the infamous

Technorati: As in,

PANMA:  If you live in the Philly area and don’t know PANMA, you should.  The Philadelphia tech community is like no other – go to their website and sign up for the listserv.  If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you’ll remember that PANMA is one of the first things I talk about  – it’s a fabulous community of knowledgeable tech people who are more than willing to jump in and help you out or answer any question you might have.

Brookwood: Well, did you think I would leave us off the list?

How about you?  Is there any person or any organization that you follow and is worth sharing?

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