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The eLearning Industry is rapidly cha...

The eLearning Industry is rapidly changing. Here are my top trends for 2014 & 2015. Part 1: 1-6 out of 10:
Soon, corporate training evolution will take on a progressive journey through new automation, inventions, and systems, following the ongoing quest to be leading in innovation. In a world of training that continuously changes, trainer and learners won’t have any other choice but to move out of their learning comfort zone to the next generation [...]

Adobe Connect Pro Mobile

Adobe Connect Pro Mobile
Adobe has release a mobile version of Adobe Connect Pro for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Now users can participate in online meetings while on the go! There is more good news, since this application was built using the Flash development environment Adobe will be able to publish the application to the Flash Platform as well.  So, when Adobe AIR [...]