Three eLearning Myths Debunked


Despite advancements in online education, many cling to outdated notions of individuals sitting in front of computers interacting with programmed tutors. Many myths surround online learning. Let’s debunk a few of them!


Myth: Online training and distance learning are one and the same

Distance learning is online learning’s evolutionary predecessor. There is no single model for online training. While some online learning is the same as traditional distance learning, the goal is to provide the student with all the benefits that they would have in a regular classroom plus all the benefits that technology has to offer through online training.


Myth: To create microlearning one simply needs to chunk content

While microlearning is about breaking up content into small, bite-sized pieces, chunking information is not all it takes to create microlearning. Microlearning modules are independent knowledge bytes that have to make sense on their own. Typically, they serve one learning objective and are therefore created keeping that objective in mind. At the end of the module, the learner should be successful in attaining that learning objective.

Man working on a laptop in a coffee shop

Myth: Learners prefer the face-to-face learning model over online models

Many learners prefer a learning environment that is technological. These learners want to use technology to structure their learning environment and seek ways they can do so. Moreover, the online environment provides greater freedom of participation as it tends to neutralize issues such as physical appearance and geographic distribution.


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